shutterstock_282101837As much as developing a campaign for your crowdfunding project and choosing a suitable platform is great, it is also beneficial to think about when exactly to launch your campaign. As you are relying on financial support from backers, you must take into consideration the times that it would be most appropriate for them to donate. This is essential as you can’t succeed in your campaign without them.

One of the most useful things to do is research your chosen crowdfunding site to see whether there are similar campaigns being launched at the same time. If this is the case, it’s best to wait a while to launch your product. People are not likely to invest money into campaigns that are alike.

It is also important to launch your campaign at a time when your target audience are awake – because that is also when your campaign will come to an end. It would be pointless to launch your campaign at 3am in the morning for obvious reasons. Don’t forget – if you live in the UK, for example, yet want to target people in the US, the best idea is to select a suitable time that works for your potentially lucrative American supporters (and their different states).

Some believe that launching on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is ideal. During weekends people are more likely to be away from their screens, enjoying family and leisure time. On Mondays, people are catching up on accumulated tasks at work, while on Fridays they are racing towards deadlines before the weekend. Launching your project around the 1st or 15th of the month (when most people receive their monthly salary) makes sense too.

Steer clear of Christmas and summer breaks (July – August) . Typically people are spending their money elsewhere during this time, so the last thing they will be thinking about is supporting a crowdfunding campaign.

Don’t worry about coinciding with a popular event. For instance, if your crowdfunding project concerns football, launching it before the World Cup may increase the chances of receiving free promotion from a sports blogger or emerging in Twitter’s top trends. An example we can give is the Norlan Whisky glass. Whiskey is popular around Christmas, and those pledging $35 or more received at least two Norlan whisky glasses. In this case, ending their campaign 10 days before Christmas was quite a useful approach.

Thinking about your launch date can give your project more of a push and increase your financial support. With an effective campaign and an encouraging audience you could be heading for success.