Hardcore Henry has finally been released in UK cinemas after a successful crowdfunding campaign in December 2014, where the film exceeded its $250,000 target. During the campaign, Hardcore Henry was featured on lots of high profile media outlets including Mashable, Forbes and The Telegraph.

Speaking on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, director Ilya Naishuller indicated that the choice was between enrolling the “money men” (the big film studios) or staying independent to finish their film. They chose crowdfunding to ensure that the final look and feel of the film was not, as Naishuller says, “dictated by the terms of its distribution, but rather by the people who put thousands of hours into making it happen.”

The Russian – American sci-fi action film had already been shot and edited before the crowdfunding campaign was set up. However, as they were entering into the next stage of post-production, the money was needed for CGI effects, colour correction, fulfilment, taxes, fees, sound mixing and background elements.

The film is shot in ‘first person’ through the eyes of Henry, who was rescued from the brink of death with no recollection of his past. Henry is on a mission to discover his true identity and to save his wife Estelle from the hands of Akan, a warlord with an army of soldiers. It is set in Moscow and was written and directed by Naishuller. The cast includes Haley Bennet, Sharlto Copley and Danila Kozlovsky.

At the launch of the crowdfunding campaign in 2014, Naishuller said “we’ve never experienced a film like this before.” You can be the judge of that as Hardcore Henry has just been released in UK cinemas. In the meantime you can view the trailer above!