The-WeekendWe can finally announce Big Agency’s latest project: a crowdfunding campaign for The Weekend, the new British urban comedy from up-and-coming director Sheridan De Myers. The original story was written by Davie Fairbanks and Marc Small but conceived by comedian Kojo. The film stars Dee Kaate, Joivan Wade (currently playing Jordan Johnson in Eastenders) and Percelle Ascot, better known collectively as Mandem on the Wall. The trio have also appeared together on E4’s comedy series Youngers, and have acted independently on various film and TV projects. You may see a few recognisable faces in the movie too – such as famous prankster Ashley Inkz, comedian Arnold Jorge, and TV personality Shanie Ryan.

The team want to keep their movie as independent as possible, and enlisted the services of crowdfunding experts Big Agency. Instead of involving an external distribution company and possibly compromising the movie’s indie spirit, they turned to Big Agency to set up a crowdfunding campaign. They aim to raise £100,000, which will allow the team to release The Weekend in 28 cinemas in 25 cities in the UK – and the more money the campaign makes, the more cinemas will screen The Weekend. You can view and contribute to their Indiegogo campaign here.

As well as being a fun comedy, the film has a serious role to play in promoting diversity in the arts, and film in particular. Says De Myers: “Our aim as filmmakers is to tell compelling stories that resonate; to inform, educate and entertain the masses whilst creating positive stereotypes regardless of age, race or gender. We want our images and ideas to disrupt and engage to make people think, feel and reflect.”

#theweekendmovie is already causing a buzz on social media, with people clearly anticipating the release of The Weekend later this year. Kojo says: “This is going to be the best UK film in years, with the freshest and most exciting cast in ages”.

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