Crowdfunding has helped bring some well-documented ideas to fruition, as well as some crazy products that somehow materialised (see previous post ). Here is a list of some of the funniest crowdfunding failures – things we can all definitely get by without.

Mango Spoon – Edible Utensils

Introducing edible mango spoons! Their mission is to “bring an edible spoon to your lunchbox”. The idea came about after the creator and her family went out for a picnic in the park. While presenting her children with their food (yoghurt cups) she then realised she had no spoons. Luckily, she had Mango Spoons created from the unsulfured, dry mango. She had decided to use the mango spoons to have some of the yoghurt and it worked! The campaign is still going and has only managed to raise $190 of its $5,000 and with 6 days to go we find it very unlikely that it will reach its goal.
You can read more about their campaign here.

Watermelon Holder

Never drop your watermelon again! Back in 2013 these watermelon straps were created to “help you to carry and handle your watermelon with ease”. The idea surfaced after the creator bought a watermelon that was too big for a plastic bag. He dropped the watermelon and vowed to create a product that would eliminate this problem forever. However, it doesn't seem to be that much of a pressing problem, as the campaign raised just over 1% of the $25,000 target.
View the campaign here

Fart in a Jar

This campaign was produced to “share farts with the world” - and sounds like something your kid brother would come up with. Farts from 80 different nations were collected for "your sniffing pleasure”. At the end of its 30-day campaign it hadn't even raised 2% of its $10,000 target. The creators released a statement, saying “Fart in the Jar is doomed not to reach its funding goal and we must now prepare to release our collection of anal acoustics back into their natural habitats”.
Check out their campaign here.

I Will Name Your Dog

In April 2015, Aaron launched a campaign to name peoples' dogs. However, this didn't fit into any of Kickstarter's 15 categories, so he was advised to write a book about naming dogs instead. Schlechter threatened to buy Kickstarter if he raised $1,200,000,000 and turn it into a dog-naming site only. While dreaming big is admirable, he hardly dented his $3,700 goal.
Read more about their campaign here.

The Sexiest Smartphone Charger

Meet Paul – the sexiest smartphone charger on the planet. In July 2014 a campaign for this sophisticated product was introduced. Paul was intended to be a practical iPhone charger that “explores modern technology’s effect on human sexuality”. The smartphone charger stood 34 inches tall and included a cord that could be pushed back into his posterior for easy transportation. Unfortunately the campaign failed to impress and only $2,160 was pledged of its $8,000 target.
View their campaign here.