Pain, adolescence, trauma, bullying, first love and transformation are just a few of the themes explored in a fascinating new coming-of-age film called The Drowning of Arthur Braxton. Based on the 2003 novel by Caroline Smailes and directed by YouTuber and filmmaker Luke Cutforth (aka. ‘lukeisnotsexy’), the film has gone into production following a successful crowdfunding campaign backed by Big Agency.

For Big Agency, the decision to work with Luke on the film was an easy one. As Campaign Manager Ross Peacock explained, “Luke was so dedicated to this project because he really cares about the film. He wanted to share his adventure with his audience and we wanted to be part of that journey with him.”

The film itself revolves around a boy named Arthur Braxton, who runs away from school and ‘hides out in an abandoned building, where he finds a naked woman swimming in the pool – the first in a series of circumstances that will change his life forever’.

Before the crowdfunding campaign began, Big Agency worked with Luke and his team to create a social teaser campaign called ‘Who is Arthur?’. “We released tiny snippets of information and got people to guess what was coming next”, says Ross, “everyone got really into it and it meant that we were able to build a really excited social audience ready for the launch.”

The Kickstarter campaign launched with a goal of £75,000, but eventually raised £84,434 by more than 4,000 backers who pledged from as little as £2 up to £5,000.

Through his three YouTube channels, Luke has hundreds of thousands of social followers. He has introduced this wonderful book to a new, younger audience and allowed a generation of fans to get involved with this fantastic new project. Luke and his team are now weeks into filming his first feature-length film, and a quick glance at Twitter shows things are really starting to take shape. The cast has been announced and fans are already buzzing!

As well as Luke Cutforth, director, the team includes Josh Winslade, director of photography, and Lex Beckett, assistant director. The film is to be released through Fireflight Film (Cutforth’s production company).

You can keep up with the latest successes of the Arthur Braxton team by visiting their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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