Crowdfunding for medical, health and wellbeing causes has increased in recent years. Platforms such as Give Forward, You Caring, First Giving, GoFundMe, Crowd Rise and Fundly are popular with such campaigns, which are often set up by family and friends of someone suffering from an illness. And it is heart-warming to see how many people get behind these causes – proof that while it is gratifying to help someone’s brilliant idea become a reality, there is no better feeling than improving someone’s condition of life.

We can see how medical crowdfunding has helped people cover expenses that they would most likely not be able to pay without this support. As clichéd as it may sound, this is a great way of improving lives, and showcases human nature at its very best.

Even though the money is necessary, the campaigns are not entirely focused on reaching the set goal. The knowledge that strangers care enough to donate to their cause has its own positive effects. Here are some medical crowdfunding campaigns that show what happens when people come together to support a good cause.

The Pink Cancer Organisation

Though this campaign was not for a specific individual, it was set up by Nash Grier, an online personality who used his influence to raise money for breast cancer. His goal was a mere $100 but over $900K was raised for the cause – paid for by only three donors.
View the campaign here.

Help Baby Shane Beat Cancer

Set up this year, the campaign was in aid of a baby diagnosed with cancer just after his first birthday. A friend of the family started a campaign to help the O'Donnell's with baby Shane’s medical bills, the family’s living costs, and other financial needs. Hundreds of donations were pledged, enabling the family to raise more than their $80,000 target. We are yet to hear an update regarding baby Shane’s health but his family did thank donors for their pledges and well-wishes.
Read about this campaign.

Brandon’s Recovery

Brandon was involved in an accident resulting in a spinal injury (among others), which left him incapable of walking and with no feeling from his chest down. Having had surgery to realign his spine, Brandon’s next task is learning how to walk again. The campaign is still running and has raised over $41,000 to help him pay for his rehabilitation.
Check out their campaign here.