This feature length fantasy epic tells the story of a knight travelling to the dark underworld with a princess to wage war against the Black Angel – the face of evil itself. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the film promises drama, action and heroism where pure light is pitted against eternal darkness and damnation.

The story began 35 years ago when set designer Roger Christian was working on the original Star Wars movie. He showed director George Lucas a script he’d written, which Lucas commissioned on the spot. Black Angel, the resulting short film, was made with a budget of just £25,000 and initially released alongside Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980. After only a few screenings, all copies of Black Angel were reportedly lost and passed into Star Wars lore. However, in 2011 a Universal Studios archivist unexpectedly found a print of the long lost movie in the US, and a feature-length version was proposed, to be directed by Christian himself.

The team decided to crowdfund the feature length version and hired Big Agency to manage their campaign. “We built everything from scratch”, says Campaign Manager Ross Peacock, “from branding, typography and logo design, to campaign strategy and backer communication.” Big Agency also coordinated a PR campaign with a partner agency which resulted in the film being featured in The Independent, the BBC and USA Today.

The goal was originally set at £100,000, but this was surpassed in just 11 days. By the end of the campaign Black Angel had raised a massive £148,120, nearly £50,000 over its target.

“We developed a strategy that revolved around releasing the short film and building a new audience around it”, said Ross. “This gave us a base of enthusiastic fantasy fans who we knew would be thrilled to hear about a feature-length version.”

The project was also helped by its association with Roger Christian, an Academy Award winner who has an impressive list of credits to his name. The cast of the movie includes heavyweights such as John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings), and Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), who helped to produce viral content for the campaign.

The original short film version of Black Angel was acclaimed by Steven Spielberg as “one of the most enigmatic films I’ve ever seen”, so expectations are understandably high for the new film.

For more information or to follow the progress of the movie you can take a look at their Facebook, TwitterYouTube or website.

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